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I N T R O D U C E R  N E E D L E
jpeg image of introducer needle

Due to its "non-cutting" point geometry, the Sprotte needle does not puncture the skin as freely as does a conventional Quincke needle. Therefore it is advised to puncture the skin prior to inserting the Sprotte needle. An introducer needle is offered as one option in performing this task– the introducer needle is placed first, followed by the Sprotte needle which is placed through (inside) the introducer needle. An introducer needle provides the added benefit of preventing the spinal needle from straying from its intended course - this of special concern with long length needles.

Please note that in addition to being offered packaged with a Sprotte Spinal Needle, Introducer needles are also available as separate order items.

FOR 27G and 29G needles.
071151-30L   30 mm length
071151-30M   40 mm length
FOR 24G and 25G needles.
021151-30L   30 mm length
021151-30M   40 mm length
FOR 22G needles.
001151-30L   30 mm length
001151-30M   40 mm length