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DIAGNOSTIC  LUMBAR  PUNCTURE with a Sprotte®Atraumatic Needle

jpeg image of sprotte needles
T h e  C l i n i c a l  L i t e r a t u r e
Carson and Serpell: 20G Sprotte needle transduces CSF pressure accurately in under one minute. Displays flow rate of 2ml/min.

Engelhardt, Oheim and Neundorfer: verification of PLPS being reduced by a factor of 10 (with a Sprotte needle). Introduction of atraumatic lumbar punctures in neurology.

Jager H, Schimrigk K, Haas A.: factor of 10 reduction of PLPS confirmed in random double-blind study.

Braune and Huffman: factor of 10 reduction of PLPS confirmed in second double blind study.

Ohman, Ernerudh, Forsberg, Roberg and Vrethem: In the determination of CSF IgM by Lumbar Puncture, the inner wall is shown to be contaminated by the action of a Quincke needle penetrating the tissue. Ohman et al determine that use of a Sprotte needle – whose conical tip displaces the tissue pressure from the lateral opening – eliminates such contamination, thereby increasing the meaningfulness of CPS diagnostics for MS and infections.

R e f e r e n c e s
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