A P G A R   T I M E R

Battery powered digital timer with preset audible timing indications, designed to assist with the Apgar scoring of neonates at birth.

•Audible indication at 1, 5 and 10 minutes
•Easily read display with large digits
•Incorporates freeze function to assist with event recording
•Long battery life; better than 12 months with daily use
•Low battery indication
•Various mounting options available
•Automatically enters stand-by mode after 1 hour
•Solid construction with aluminium casing

#0310100 Apgar Timer
Dimensions and Weight
Width 142 mm, height 130 mm, depth 40mm (without clamp)
551 grams

4 digit LCD, digit height 25mm

Power Requirements
4 x AA 1.5V alkaline batteries.
Battery Life
Greater than 12 months when used for 1 hour, twice per day

Low Battery Indication
Display flashes the words Lo and Batt whilst in standby mode to indicate a low battery condition far in advance of battery depletion. Timer can still function whilst in a low battery condition.

Audible Indications
1 minute: 1 beep
5 minutes: 2 beeps
10 minutes: 3 beeps
Modes of Operation
Counting mode   Increments in 1 second intervals up to 1 hour.

Freeze Mode   Freezes the display to assist in event recording. Upon unfreezing, the timer will continue counting, resuming from the ongoing total elapsed time.

Standby Mode   The timer automatically enters standby mode after 1 hour, negating the need for an on/off switch and significantly extending battery life.