EpiLong VPC (Visual Pressure Control)

Visual Identification of the Epidural Space

Developed by Pajunk ® in collaboration with Prof. Dr. med. Dietmar Enk and Dr. med. Günter Michaelis,  the new “Visual Pressure Control” (VPC) offers a visual indication of the Loss of Resistance encountered during epidural procedures.

EpiLong VPC offers a reliable alternative to the conventional Loss of Resistance technique (LOR), by visually indicating even the smallest of pressure changes. This allows for a more objective cannula tip placement and increased patient safety.


• Visual indication of Loss of Resistance

• Dependable position control of the cannula tip in epidural space

• Even the smallest pressure differences are recognisable

• Fully independent from the tactile assessment

• Allows for two handed cannula placement

• Minimal amounts of saline injected into epidural space

• Simple and fast application without technique changes

• Simplifies epidural training and supervision process


For the prevention of connection and injection errors. 
NRFit-EpiLong VPC® is now available.  Contact us for further information.

The secret of EpiLong VPC Syringe resides in its plunger....

EpiLong VPC has a special plunger that comes with a built in capillary and integrated magnifier. Pressure builds up in a column in the capillary, which is visible in the magnifier. If after the skin puncture the VPC is connected to the epidural cannula and put under pressure by advancing the cannula, the pressure column in the magnifier rises. As long as a tissue pressure exists at the cannula tip, the pressure column in the capillary of the VPC is visible.

Once the surrounding pressure drops (indication of the epidural space) the pressure column in the display window will drop instantly, which is clearly visible in the magnifier of the capillary. The pressure drop is easily repeatable and confirms the correct cannula tip placement in the epidural space. In comparison to the classical LOR technique, only minimal amounts of saline are being injected into the tissue with the VPC.


EpiLong VPC is available as a stand-alone device or as a component in the EpiLong epidural kits detailed below.