Continuous "Catheter-through-needle" block under guidance of Ultrasound + Stimulation via Catheter tip

Accurate placement of catheter:
StimuLong SONO ll catheter is highly visible under ultrasound allowing for precise placement by visual means.
 Catheter placement may be checked and confirmed at any time by direct electro-stimulation of the "StimuLong" catheter.
Catheter Container included in which the catheter is introduced into the cannula in a sterile condition.
The Needle:
The Cannula features "NanoLine" ultra-thin insulation and is optionally available with "Cornerstone Reflectors" for bright echogenicity. Available in 2 tip styles.


With StimuLong SONO ll, at each step of the block procedure, dual guidance is possible:  the Sono Cannula tip may be electro-stimulated via nerve stimulator, while being closely viewed under ultrasound owing to the cannula's remarkable "Cornerstone Reflectors". Equally, under subsequent placement of  the StimuLong SONO ll catheter, the catheter's echogenic design as well as its unique integrated electrical conductor tip afford the options of  both visual and nerve stimulation guidance.  For post operative pain management, the StimuLong catheter may be at any time checked against possible migration via stimulation of the catheter tip.

StimuLong catheter incorporates an integrated stainless steel helical coil for maximum kinking resistance to ensure unhindered flow of anaesthetic. The coil has the added benefit of providing the catheter with excellent ultrasound visibility.


StimuLong catheter's unique design enables it to provide a continuous electrical circuit via its steel stylet.
Moreover, the atraumatic rounded tip of the StimuLong catheter is gold-plated affording excellent conductivity & stimulation capabilty.

The SonoLong cannula is complete with an ultrathin insulation coating (NanoLine) and optionally available with "Cornerstone Reflectors" for bright echogenicity. 

SonoLong needle- NANOLINE Insulation
NanoLine ultra-thin insulating layer is reduced to an absolute minimum without compromising insulation value.
• Nanoline insulation coating is applied on inner & outer needle surfaces (only the needle tip is left exposed) resulting in a highly precise electrical stimulation field.  Moreover the smooth inner lumen gaurantees free flow of anesthetic through the needle.


SonoLong needle - Cornerstone Reflectors

 The embossed structures in the Cornerstone Reflectors form three surfaces which meet each other at a 90° angle guaranteeing direct or indirect reflection of the ultrasound waves even at very steep insertion angles.

• Cornerstone Reflectors are arrayed along a length of 20 mm from the tip of the needle and moreover are arranged 360 degrees about the needle thus ensuring clear identification of the needle under Ultrasound.


There are 5 versions of the StimuLong block kit. StimuLong Sono ll provides a cannula with "Cornerstone Reflectors" for maximum echogenicity while StimuLong Sono NanoLine kit contains a cannula without "Cornerstone Reflectors".  The 50cm long echogenic and stimulatable StimuLong catheter is present in both StimuLong Sono kits.  The original kit, StimuLong NanoLine,  is offered  with needle and catheter without enhanced echogenic treatment. StimuLong Nanoline acc Kick has a plastic cannula (Catheter over cannula technique), while StimuLong Sono acc Tsui is offered with a 90cm length catheter for the application of the Tsui Test.