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The positioning of Epidural cannulae under ultrasound is increasingly finding acceptance in clinical practise. To this end, TouhySono's unique "Cornerstone" reflectors ensure optimum visibility of the needle in both shallow and steep angles alike.

The embossed Cornerstone reflector pattern runs fully 20mm from the distal tip of the needle, and coverage is complete about the circumference of the needle.

TuohySono is offered complete with metal stylet and removable gripping wing.
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Avoid Wet Dura Punctures

Finally a needle designed to avoid accidental “wet” dura punctures encountered during epidural anaesthesia. This epidural SPROTTE® needle (aka Special Sprotte®) is an evolution of the standard Spinal SPROTTE® needle used routinely worldwide to prevent CSF loss during spinal anaesthesia.

Reduce Risk of Catheter Damage With an Atraumatic needle

The Epidural SPROTTE® needle incorporates a smooth catheter channel complete with rounded ramp to deflect the catheter effectively. In addition to deflecting the catheter laterally, the “rounded ramp” design is such that the catheter may be advanced or withdrawn (for re-positioning of needle) without fear of damaging the epidural catheter. In addition, the catheter channel allows for smooth insertion of a standard SPROTTE® spinal needle for the combined Spinal/Epidural technique.

jpeg image of sprotte needles

Needle Features

Introducing the New Epidural Sprotte®, featuring:
a—atraumatic point plus shortened effective working length of needle– features designed to avoid accidental wet dura punctures.
b—rounded ramp for effective deflection of catheter
c—plastic coated catheter channel for smooth insertion of catheter or Standard Sprotte® spinal needle (for the combined Spinal/Epidural technique)
jpg image of sprotte and tuohy
Special Sprotte vs Tuohy

Illustrated at right: 16G Tuohy Needle vs. the new 19.5G Epidural Sprotte. Note that in both distal tip length and size of lateral opening, the 19.5G Epidural Sprotte compares closely to that of a 16G Tuohy needle and thus offers the clinician a familiar accomodation to the anatomical structure of the epidural space while offering a markedly less intrusive needle diameter into the patient.
Read about a prospective randomized, blinded clinical trial to examine the effect of epidural needle design (Tuohy vs Special Sprotte) on PDPH after Dural Puncture.   download PDF file  size: 14k

Order Information

Special Sprotte EPIDURAL needle
With Atraumatic Tip, and special Rounded ramp to deflect catheter
19.5G x 3.5" 0001151-54 18G x 3.5" 0011153-54

quincke needle
Tuohy Needles

Sterile Disposable Tuohy needles for Catheter introduction (Continuous Anaesthesia) as well as single shot application are available in a wide range of sizes. Needles are supplied with wings (grip plate), metal stylet, and graduations (depth markings) on needle shaft.

As an alternative, we offer a full complement of NON STERILE Reusable Tuohy needles - 11 sizes in stock. Minimum order: one each.

TUOHY Needles for C o n t i n u o u s  A p p l i c a t i o n  ( Catheter Introduction )

size catalogue # size catalogue #
19.5GTW x 3 1/2" (90mm)1150-4I090 17GTW x 4 3/4" (120mm)1150-4M120
19.5GTW x 3 1/8" (80mm)1150-4I080 17GTW x 3 1/2" (90mm)1150-4M090
19.5GTW x 2" (50mm) 1150-4I050 17GTW x 3" (76mm)1150-4M076
18GTW x 6" (150mm)1150-4K150 16GTW x 4 3/4" (120mm)1150-4O120
18GTW x 4 3/4" (120mm)1150-4K120 16GTW x 3 1/2" (90mm)1150-4O090
18GTW x 3 1/2" (90mm)1150-4K90 16GTW x 3 1/8" (80mm)1150-4O080
18GTW x 3 1/8" (80mm)1150-4K80 14GTW x 4" (100mm)1150-4T100
18GTW x 2" (50mm)1150-4K050 14GTW x 3 1/2" (90mm)1150-4T080
17GTW x 6" (150mm)1150-4M150 14GTW x 3 1/8" (80mm)1150-4T080

NOTES: 1. "TW" denotes "Thin Wall" 2. Catheter available for use with 19.5G size Tuohy

TUOHY Needles for S i n g l e  S h o t  A p p l i c a t i o n

size catalogue # size catalogue #
20G x 2 1/2" (63mm)   RM2025A 22G x 3 1/2" (90mm)   RP2235RW
20G x 3 1/2" (90mm)RM2035RW   25G x 3" (76mm)RP2503RWUS *

Notes: 25G x 3" is provided complete with introducer

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