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S o n o P l e x   U l t r a s o u n d   N e e d l e
jgp image of insulated needles jgp image of insulated needles

Introducing SonoPlex, the new generation plexus cannula that reflects Ultrasound waves without loss.
Featuring "Corner Stone" reflectors optimally arranged about the circumference of the cannula to ensure perfect identification of the cannula - regardless of the axial positioning. Moreover, Sonoplex is visible under steep and flat puncture angles alike.
NanoLine® heralds a new era in thin-technology insulated coating. With cannula treated with conventional insulation coating, puncture and stimulating performance is hindered by inevitable thickness irregularities, increased outer diameter of cannula due to coating thickness, and uneven transition from coating to uncoated tip. Nanoline® overcomes these difficulties with a proprietory coating process which results in an ultra-thin insulation layer of constant thickness and smooth transition of coating toward the uninsulated cannula tip. Insulating value is not compromised in the least to achieve the thin coat. The thin coat of insulation can only be perceived by the addition of a light golden coloring.

The inner lumen of the Nanoline cannula is coated too - resulting in better flow of anesthetic. NanoLine® insulated needles are complete with centimeter depth graduations on the cannula shaft.

jgp image of insulated needle pictured at right: SonoPlex under Ultrasound. Corner Stone reflectors run a length of 2 cm from distal point of needle. Cannula is complete with cm graduation markings.
A Full Complement of Sizes

SonoPlex = Cannula + Electrical Cable + Injection Tubing
Facet Tip (Short Bevel) SonoPlex Sprotte tip SonoPlex Tuohy tip SonoLong
22G x 40mm 001185-70 24G x 40mm 001185-30G 18G x 50mm 501185-31H
22G x 50mm 001185-74 22G x 50mm 001185-31G 18G x 100mm 501185-31G
22G x 80mm 001185-71 22G x 70mm 001185-31H
21G x 100mm 001185-77 22G x 90mm 001185-31J
20G x 120mm 001185-72

Sprotte® Atraumatic Insulated Needle   Needles with atraumatic needle point geometry reduce the trauma to the tissue resultant from the puncture thrust, which in turn prevents perineural haematomas and allows for repeated blocks at the same point of injection. Due to its point geometry, the clinician will experience a pronounced "click" as an atraumatic needle enters the neural sheath.

In addition, an atraumatic needle allows the clinician to approach the sheath/nerve from a perpendicular angle instead of the parallel approach required when using a bevelled needle.

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