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SPINAL ANAESTHESIA - Sprotte® Atraumatic Needle aka Standard Sprotte®

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Avoid Dural Leakage

The Standard SPROTTE® spinal needle started the trend towards atraumatic dural puncture. It reliably prevents dural leakage and therefore a large portion of post-puncture headache and probably all severe complications of CSF LOSS (Labyrinthine hearing impairment, Abducens Paresis, Subdural Haematoma, Pnuemencephalus).

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A Wide Range of Sizes

The Standard SPROTTE Spinal needle is offered in two formats: with or without Introducer Needle. Fine Needle gauges (25G,27G,29G) are equipped with a special Magnifier Hub for faster recognition of flashback, see below.

size catalogue # size catalogue #
29G X 4.8" (123 mm) 131151-29A 29G X 3.5" (90mm) 501151-28A
27G X 4.8" (123 mm) 231151-27A 29G X 2.75" (70mm) 021151-28B
27G X 1.4" (35 mm) 001151-27E 27G X 4.75" (120mm) 151151-27A
27G X 1" (25 mm) 121151-27D 27G X 3.5" (90mm) 121151-27A
25G X 4.8" (123 mm) 251151-29A 27G X 2.75" (70mm) 121151-27B
25G X 1.4" (35 mm) 001151-29E 25G X 4.75" (120mm) 171151-29A
25G X 1" (25 mm) 001151-29D 25G X 4" (103mm) 161151-29A
24G X 6" (150 mm) 141151-30A 25G X 3.5" (90mm) 511151-29A
24G X 4.8" (123 mm) 071151-30A 25G X 2.75" (70mm) 021151-29B
24G X 4.75" (120 mm) 031151-30A 24G X 6" (150mm) 131151-30A
24G X 4" (103 mm) 521151-30A 24G X 4.75" (120mm) 041151-30A
24G X 3.5" (90 mm) 001151-30A 24G X 4" (103mm) 021151-30A
24G X 2.75" (70 mm) 001151-30B 24G X 3.5" (90mm) 121151-30A
24G X 1.4" (35 mm) 001151-30E 24G X 2.75" (70mm) 021151-30B
24G X 1" (25 mm) 001151-30D 22G X 6" (150mm) 141151-30C
22G X 4.75" (120mm) 131151-30C
22G X 4.75" (90 mm) 031151-30C 22G X 4" (103mm) 221151-30C
22G X 4" (103 mm) 521151-30C 22G X 3.5" (90mm) 021151-30C
22G X 3.5" (90 mm) 001151-30C 22G X 2.75" (70mm) 051151-30B
22G X 2.75" (70 mm) 051151-30C
22G X 1" (25 mm) 061151-30C 25G, 27G and 29G complete with Magnifying Hub attachment (see below)

For larger diameter needles (20G, 21G ) see Sizes for Diagnostic Lumbar Puncture
M A G N I F Y I N G  H U B 25G,27G and 29G Sprotte needles are supplied with a unique Magnifying Hub. Recognition of flashback is greatly facilitated by virtue of the magnifying effect produced by the special design of the see through hub. In addition, dead space in the forward interior of the hub has been reduced to an absolute minimum, further reducing the time of recognition of flashback. I N T R O D U C E R  N E E D L E
Due to its "non-cutting" point geometry, the Sprotte needle does not puncture the skin as freely as does a conventional Quincke needle. Therefore it is advised to puncture the skin prior to inserting the Sprotte needle. An introducer needle is offered as one option in performing this task– the introducer needle is placed first, followed by the Sprotte needle which is placed through (inside) the introducer needle. See Introducer illustrated.

quincke needle Quincke Needles

Dyna Medical specializes in Custom Sizes of Sterile Disposable Quincke needles. Small production runs of as few as 200 needles are possible.

As an alternative, we offer a full complement of NON STERILE Reusable Quincke needles - over 50 sizes in stock! Minimum order: one each.

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