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jpg image of nerve stimulator

MicroStim DB3 Nerve Stimulator
Neuromuscular Monitoring function.

Microstim DB3 offers complete functionality while offering simple and intuitive controls to the anesthetist monitoring the patient under general anesthesia.

Microstim DB3 is a constant current stimulator, and is thus not subject to current-reduction resultant from high skin impedance.

Waveforms   All requisite waveforms provided: TRAIN-OF-FOUR, DOUBLE-BURST, TETANUS, TWITCH

Power   9V battery. Low battery indicator.

Visual and Audio Indicators   LED flashes with stimulus pulse; audio signals indicates patient current flow.

Order Information
Catalogue 2510000
Complete with patient cable
Cable available with snaps or pinch clamp

jpg image of cable

Patient Cable available with snaps or pinch clamps as shown.
Snaps: reorder #2520000
Pinch Clamps: reorder #2520003

jpg image of cable