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P E G   P e r c u t a n e o u s   E l e c t r o d e   G u i d a n c e

Shown at left: MultiStim SENSOR with PEG cable attached. Note that the PEG cable consists of a Percutaneous electrode/handle as well as a cable for cannula attachment. Stimulating current from MultiStim SENSOR can be toggled to output at either the Percutaneous electrode or the cannula by pressing the . pushbutton. Stimulation characteristics alter automatically (eg. maximum current, impulse width etc) according to which output, percutaneous or cannula, is selected.

In conventional plexus block with cannula, the puncture location is determined via the anatomical map. With MultiStim SENSOR, there exists the option of locating the nerve first with the PEG electrode. Following this method, a nerve is located by stimulating percutaneously, eliciting a reflex in the patient. At this point the cannula is inserted in the required location, the PEG pushbutton is touched to transfer stimulation to the cannula, and the cannula is now placed as per conventional technique.