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jpg image of nerve stimulator
MultiStim SWITCH Nerve Stimulator for Plexus Nerve Block AND Epidural Application

MultiStim SWITCH is an evolution of the MultiStim SENSOR. Above and beyond the Sensor's functionality, the SWITCH offers the following:

By pressing the CATHETER BUTTON current flow is switched between insulated needle and Stimulating SONO catheter as required.

MultiStim SWITCH has an internally programmed function which will alter the current intensity and the pulse width simultaneously thus permitting an approach to the nerve in constant steps under continued muscular response.

Patient resistance is continuously displayed throughout the duration of the puncture. In case of an intraneural or intravascular puncture, the resistance will increase discontinuously and trigger an acoustic as well as a visual signal, thus allowing the anesthetist to react immediately.

MultiStim SWITCH provides a maximum value of 95Vpp in order to effectively address the issue of the high resistance patient. To ensure safety, in CATHETER mode, stimulation current intensity is 20mA thus making it suitable also for Epidural Stimulation.

MultiStim Switch
Includes patient cable as shown upper right

Patient Cable Reorder
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jpg image of nerve stimulator