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Mancao Cannula® Safety Epidural Needle,

jpg image of safety epidural ndle

Top: Initial puncture to the ligamentum flavum by short bevel outer cutting needle with matching Inner stylet.

Bottom: Mancao safety cannula – with safe, rounded end – is pushed through the ligamentum flavum without risk of dura puncture. 360° needle rotation is achievable.
The patented design of this unique needle set allows for virtual elimination of accidental dura puncture in Epidural procedures. The beveled cutting tip of the outer cannula (with matching stylet) allows for improved puncture quality (vs. deflected point of Tuohy needle). Graduation markings on outer cannula offer an assist in establishing that the needle point is in place in front of the ligamentum flavum. At this point, the inner stylet is retracted and is replaced by the safe, round-ended, Mancao cannula and directed through the ligamentum flavum. By the method of "Loss of Resistance" the epidural space is safely determined, followed by insertion of catheter etc. NOTE: The catheter can be withdrawn safely or pushed forward, and full (360°) rotation of the epidural needle is also possible whereby the epidural catheter can either be placed up or down.

Order Information
0001151-20  18G x 80mm

jpg image of safety epidural ndle

3 piece Needle Set

3 piece needle set, consisting of short bevel, outer "cutting" cannula, with matching inner stylet. (Stylet is show on top left.) The unique, round ended safety Epidural cannula inserts coaxially into the outer cannula following initial puncture (and subsequent removal of stylet).(Outer cannula – with wings – shown at bottom left with safety epidural cannula inserted coaxially)

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