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Featuring a Tuohy Epidural needle with rear outlet for passage of Sprotte Spinal needle. By eliminating friction during the spinal needle's passage through the Tuohy, the important tactile sensation of dura puncture is unobscured. Further, dura puncture location is certain to not coincide with subsequent catheter contact with dura.

Combined Spinal Epidural Anesthesia

This much discussed technique combines the low failure-rate and reduced latency period of spinal anaesthesia with the option of prolonging anaesthesia through the peridural catheter as required. Combining an epidural needle with the Standard Sprotte Spinal needle offers the clinician the instruments of choice to perform CSE through a single puncture.


Needle set only
17Gx90mm Tuohy Needle | 25G Sprotte Spinal Needle | EpiSpin Lock

The following kits include a catheter, filter, Tuohy Borst Clamping adapter and LOR syringe

18Gx90mm Tuohy Needle | 25G Sprotte Spinal Needle | EpiSpin Lock
18Gx90mm Tuohy Needle | 27G Sprotte Spinal Needle | EpiSpin Lock

for obese patient:
18Gx135mm Tuohy Needle | 25G Sprotte Spinal Needle | EpiSpin Lock

Top: Once spinal needle is advanced to desired depth, clamp is closed, thus fixing the needle tip in place. The stylet (whose cap is orange in photo) may now be removed and spinal anesthetic introduced.
Middle: Upon administration of spinal anesthetic, Epispin Lock is twisted free of the Tuohy hub and removed together with the Sprotte spinal needle.
Bottom: The epidural catheter can now be introduced into the Tuohy cannula, which remains in position.