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Continuous Plexus Block –  Place Catheter directly through a "deflecting type" Insulated Needle

A unique Needle–Catheter Set that allows the Peripheral catheter to be placed directly through an insulated needle (compare to Epidural Catheter Placement). Order Info

Location of the nerve is achieved in the usual manner by stimulation via insulated needle connected to nerve stimulator. Choose from 3 needle tip styles : a. the Sprotte Atraumatic tip b. Tuohy tip c. Short bevel tip. An atraumatic needle offers the advantage of allowing for a near perpendicular approach to the nerve, as well as deflecting the catheter laterally upon exiting the needle.

Catheter is now ready to be introduced and advanced through needle. The image at right illustrates the peripheral catheter emerging from each of the 3 Needle tips, Tuohy, Sprotte and Short Bevel. To enlarge image, click here

When catheter placement is established, needle is retracted over the catheter, leaving catheter in place for continuous control.

Optionally available with this kit is the STIMULONG Plus stimulating catheter which enables the practitioner to confirm catheter placement relative to the nerve at any time during treatment, thus facilitating corrective positioning of catheter without renewed intervention.

Order Information

Shown at left: Hemostasis valve/adapter with side extension tube and luer lock injection port. Adapter allows preloading of catheter to minimize disruption of “needle in place”. Of particular use for shallow blocks, i.e., interscalene, supraclavicular etc.
Hemostasis valve/adapter is available as a separate order item.

Catalogue K001151-37