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Stimulong Plus –  Stimulating Catheter
Stimulong SONO –  Stimulating Catheter visible under Ultrasound

Confirm your catheter position at any time during treatment, including the post operative period. Eliminate any doubt the catheter is optimally positioned to provide continuous pain relief.

Stimulating properties
Stimulong's stimulating capability is given by its embedded steel stylet and unique electrical connector to the nerve stimulator. Further, its atraumatic rounded tip is highly conductive due to its gold plating. Introduction of catheter is via Pajunk's unique insulated cannula whose insulated inner lumen ensures that the patient will be subject to stimulation only upon catheter's exit from the cannula tip.

Integrated metal spiral
Buckling or creasing of catheter is prevented by the inclusion of an integrated metal spiral, thus ensuring unhindered flow of anesthetic. Further advantages of the metal spiral are the elimination of the coiled packaged "memory effect", high tensile strength and - in the case of Stimulong SONO - ultrasound visibility.

Depth graduations and X-ray markings
Stimulong is graduated in 5cm intervals and includes radiographic strips.


The Stimulong catheter is packaged in various kit configurations complete with insulated needle, catheter adapter, injection tubing and filter.

A non-stimulating catheter for continuous plexus block, Plexolong, is also available - please follow the above link for order information.