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SonoLong Curl –  greatly minimise analgesia with Curl catheter

Continuous catheter nerve blockade presents the challenge of monitoring the position of both cannula and catheter relative to the nerve. With the advancement of the catheter beyond the cannula tip the catheter follows the path of least resistance - frequently not the optimal path for placement in proximity to the nerve.

With the patented SonoLong Curl, the catheter immediately upon exiting the cannula curls in upon itself and its tip remains constantly positioned near to the cannula tip. In short, knowledge of the cannula tip position tells the practitioner precisely of the positioning of the catheter tip.

Given the high visibility of the cannula owing to its Cornerstone reflector technology, very precise anesthesia is possible, with a minimum of analgesia required.


SonoLong Curl's integrated stainless steel helical coil prevents creasing and buckling, thus ensuring unhindered flow of anaesthetic.

Radiopaque catheter is 50cm in length and is provided with depth markings at intervals of 5cm.

Catheter tip is closed, with 3 lateral openings and may be used with post-operative pump.

SonoLong CURL is delivered in a catheter container and can thus be introduced into the cannula in sterile condition.

SonoLong Curl Continuous kit is supplied with a Nanoline Tuohy Needle 18Gx100mm, complete with cornerstone reflectors for clear visibility under Ultrasound.

Catalog 521188-34C ....pk/10

• Needle
• injection tubing
• SonoLong Curl catheter 20G with closed tip and 3 lateral openings
• clamping adapter
• Filter
• Fixolong filter holder