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E-Catheter Kit for Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block

Dr. Ban C.H. Tsui, in co-operation with Pajunk GmbH, has developed a catheter kit (patent pending) that simplifies and streamlines continuous peripheral block.

• E-Catheter reduces leakage via catheter-over-needle approach.

• Procedure is as easy to perform as Single Shot.

• E-Catheter enhances the visibility under ultrasound monitoring substantially.

• Substantial ease of handling vs. conventional continuous methods.

• Proves safer for patients and users.

• Kink free catheter.

• Safe luer lock connection.

• Direct injection - no clamping adapter required.

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21Gx68mm SonoPlex Ultrasound visible Needle, 18Gx51mm Permanent Cannula, 20G catheter

21Gx94mm SonoPlex Ultrasound visible Needle, 18Gx75mm Permanent Cannula, 20G catheter

21Gx101mm SonoPlex Ultrasound visible Needle, 18Gx83mm Permanent Cannula, 20G catheter

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