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Continuous Peripheral Anaesthesia

N e e d l e   s t y l e s

Insulated Cannulae for introducing the catheter in Continuous Peripheral Anaesthesia available in 3 tip styles: Sprotte, Short Bevel, and Tuohy.

The atraumatic Sprotte tip is unique in its ability to be placed at a near perpendicular angle to the nerve, the Tuohy needle somewhat less so, while the short bevel need be placed parallel to the nerve, as shown below.

The Sprotte tip was developed as an atraumatic cannula for single shot use in the sensitive spinal area, however experience has proved its suitability also for the plexus area. The lateral opening of the Sprotte cannula is rounded and highly polished thus precluding shearing of the catheter.

While the tuohy tip is particularly suited to lumbar plexus blockade, cannulae with short bevel tip represent an all purpose option for the full range of peripheral blockade.