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Increasingly needle placement in anesthesia - whether it be nerve block or epidural etc - is performed under the guidance of Ultrasound.
Dyna Medical is pleased to offer a range of products that facilitate Ultrasound guided anesthesia.

SonoPlex Stimulating Insulated Needle
Ultrasound visible nerve block needle. Available in short bevel, Sprotte atraumatic and Tuohy tip styles.
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Sono Stimulong Catheter
Ultrasound visible catheter for continuous nerve blockade. Catheter is flexible and conductive, thus allowing for stimulation via catheter.
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Perform catheter-over-needle continuous plexus block with the ease of a single shot procedure.
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Sono TAP Block
Featuring SonoCannula and Infiltralong catheter for TAP and rectus sheath blocks.
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TuohySono Epidural
Increasingly cannulae are placed under Ultrasound guidance in Epidural anesthesia.
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An orientation guide used in tandem with the ultrasound probe to determine puncture location and cannula angle.
"NO-GEL" Ultrasound Probe Cover
An integrated gel strip eliminates the need to add gel to the probe head thus eliminating time consuming cleaning of the probe. Available in 2 sizes in consideration of the sterile field required for continuous vs. single shot nerve block procedures.
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SonoLong Curl
Self coiling catheter for precise placement and minimizing of anesthetic required.
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MultiStim SWITCH Nerve Stimulator
At the press of a button stimulation can be directed to the Stimulong Sono catheter or the needle, as required.