Specialty Needles:
jpg image of specialty needles


Hypodermic Needles  R 

available in 6 point styles:

Regular Medical Point, Short Bevel Point, 30° bevel, 45°bevel (Flat Point), Blunt 90° (non-cutting) and deflected point. AVAILABLE IN A WIDE RANGE OF GAUGES...8G to 33G...& LENGTHS....1/2" to 24"

Page notations:
R = Reusable Needle. Composition is metal throughout. NON STERILE
D = Disposable Needle. Usually with Plastic Hub. STERILE

S p i n a lQuincke Spinal Ndle R,D
•Sprotte Needle D  
•Barker Needle R
 E p i d u r a lTuohy Epidural Needle R,D 
•Safety Epidural Needle D
•Hustead Epidural Needle D  
•Crawford Epidural Needle D
•Special Sprotte Epidural D 
 L o c a lSecurity Stop Needle R
•Pudendal & Nerve Block Ndl R  
•Freeman Needle Set R

 P e r i p h e r a lInsulated Needle, Nanoline D 
•Insulated Needle, SonoPlex D 

B o n eRosenthal Needle R
•Osgood Needle R 
•Sternal Bone Ndl R
•Conrad Crosby Ndl R
•Westerman Jensen Ndl R
•Illinois Ndl R 
Bone cont'dJ type Ndl R,D
•Bone Marrow Aspiration D
•I type Ndl R

Soft tissueMenghini Asp. Ndl R
•Klatskin Needle R
•Cone Needle R
•Silverman Needle R
•ChibaSono D
Soft tissue cont'dTru Cut Style Needle D

PleuralCope Pleural Needle R
•Abrams Pleural Needle R 
MuscleSkeletal Muscle R
SynovialParker Pearson Synovial R
Seldinger Needle R,D
•Dos Santos Needle R
Titus Venoclysis Ndle R
•Direct Transthoracic Nd R
•Cardiac Puncture Ndle R
Cloward Discography Set R
•Intradiscal Needle R
•Cone Ventricular Ndle R

Other patterns available:  tonsil/hemorrhoidal , Verres Insufflation    R =reusable format D= disposable format

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