SELDINGER (Modified, 3 piece) NEEDLE

REUSABLE-all metal. Supplied NON STERILE.
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Used for cannulization or catheterization employing the Seldinger technique. Has thin wall outer cannula ending in blunt tapered point. Fitted stylet has sharp cutting tip with a short bevel. Blunt, round ended stylet included for plugging of outer cannula after insertion. Has kidney shaped flange for ease of handling.

18GTW x 2 3/4"   Cat. 1430-708
18GTW x 3 3/4"   Cat. 1430
20GTW x 2 3/4"   Cat. 1430
16GTW x 2 3/4"   special order
14GTW x 2 3/4"   special order

Order Unit: each

This needle not for sale in USA or Canada.