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MENGHINI NEEDLE SET.....Klatskin Pediatric Menghini

REUSABLE - with Metal Hub. Supplied NON STERILE.

Consists of five parts, including a thin wall outer cannula with special bevel tip sharpened around the circumference. Sharp pointed Trocar is used for initial skin puncture. Biopsy Stop (curved pin) prevents specimen from being drawn into syringe. Fitted obturator secures biopsy stop in place and can be used to clean cannula. Adjustable needle stop helps to control depth of penetration.

M e n g h i n i
19GTW x 1 5/8"  Cat 1201-055
18GTW x 1 5/8"  Cat 1202-053
19GTW x 2 3/4"  Cat 1203-056
18GTW x 2 3/4"  Cat 1204-054
17GTW x 2 3/4"  Cat 1205-054B
M e n g h i n i
16GTW x 2 3/4"  Cat 1206-054C
15GTW x 2 3/4"  Cat 1207-050
18GTW x 4 3/4"  Cat 1208-054A
17GTW x 4 3/4"  Cat 1209-051
16GTW x 4 3/4"  Cat 1210-050C
K l a t s k i n - p e d i a t r i c
19GTW x 2 1/4"  Catalogue 1215
16GTW x 4"  Catalogue 1215-049

Order Unit: each

R e p l a c e m e n t  P a r t s  f o r  M e n g h i n i  &  K l a t s k i n   N e e d l e s:

Replacement Biopsy Stops
(box of 12)

19G   Catalogue 1200-055A
18G   Catalogue 1200-052
17G   Catalogue 1200-051A
16G   Catalogue 1200-050A
15G   Catalogue 1200-050B
Replacement Needle Stop

Catalogue 1281-389
( fits all of above needles, 15G to 19G)

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This needle not for sale in Canada or USA.