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Sadowsky Breast Marking System by Ranfac
gif image of breast marking kit
For pin–point accurate lesion marking and safely obtaining a controlled biopsy sample.

Unique Stiffening Cannula (A)

Easily placed over the wire at the time of biopsy, Ranfac's unique stiffening cannula provides an invaluable indication as to the course of the wire and location of the wire tip. It is also a clearly palpable landmark and a positive protective sheath to prevent accidental shearing of the marking wire. Stiffening cannula also available separately(packaged sterile)—in 7 sizes, 23G, with lengths from 3cm to 9cm long.

Spring Hook Wire (B)

Flexible wire with locating mark to orient location of the wire. May be secured to patient's chest.

Choice of 5cm, 7.5cm or 10cm Needle (C)

Centimeter graduations on Needle shaft facilitate depth determination.

Order Information

Sadowsky Breast Marking System
20G x 5cm Needle, w regular hub
7 inch spring hook wire
23G x 4cm stiffening cannula
Sterile/Disposable, 10units/box

20G x 7.5cm Needle, w regular hub
8 inch spring hook wire
23G x 5cm stiffening cannula
Sterile/Disposable, 10units/box

20G x 10cm Needle, w regular hub
9 inch spring hook wire
23G x 6cm stiffening cannula
Sterile/Disposable, 10units/box

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