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Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is not complete unless Operative Cholangiography has been performed. With Ranfac's Cholangiography Catheters Laparoscopic Cholangiography has never been easier.

•Ease of insertion and guidance assured
•Catheter uncollapsible even if clipped.
•Distally postioned retention bead and two opposing side ports prevent catheter 'back-out' during delivery of contrast media.
•Stainless Steel 18G catheter with 18" PVC tubing and removable stopcock.
•Packaged Sterile

LAP-13  Port Insertion
XL-11  Percutaneous Insertion
ORC-B   Traditional Open Surgery

 Video available upon request

Devices for Laparoscopic Surgery    click on images to enlarge

jpg image i ndl Pneumoperitoneum Insufflation
(Verres) Needle

catalogue# IN-12     12 cm length
catalogue# IN-15     15 cm length

Sterile/Single Use     Available also in all-metal
reusable format (Autoclavable)
jpg Puncture Closure Device
Suture Grasper

catalogue# RSG-14

Sterile/Single Use
more details ....

jpg image KLP KPL Laparoscopic Knot Pusher
Features shorter threading area for greater convenience. Suture is held secure in place while the tapered tip makes visualization clear from any angle. Offers added functionality of measuring device (cm etchings) and retraction device. •Autoclavable •Length: 14 1/2" •Available in 3mm and 4mm diameters

catalogue# KPL-3     3mm diameter
catalogue# KPL-4     4mm diameter

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