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jpg image of suture grasper
•Percutaneous Suturing
•Ligating Abdominal Wall Bleeders
•Trocar Closure without Extending the Incision
•Tacking up Hernia Mesh Prior to Final Placement

•14 gauge outside Diameter
•Enables the surgeon to rapidly close each trocar site securely and safely.
•Simple and efficient one-hand operation.
•Accommodates any size suture, any size trocar.
•Cost-effective design permits multiple trocar site closure with a single device per case.
•Packaged Sterile. 10 units per box

Catalogue #RSG-14 

1. Jaws are advanced to grasp suture. Releasing the plunger retracts the jaws and suture into the needle shaft. 2. With the trocar positioned to allow needle placement, the needle shaft is advanced through the peritoneum. Under direct vision, the jaws are advanced, releasing the suture loop inside the abdominal cavity. 3. On the opposite side of the trocar site, the needle shaft is advanced under direct vision into the abdominal cavity. The jaws are opened to capture the suture loop. 4. The suture loop is withdrawn from the tissue, and standard technique is used to tie the suture for trocar site closure.

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