Catheter Anchoring Device
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Introducing a family of catheter fixation devices designed to greatly reduce the risk of accidental catheter removal. Three devices available, design specific for:
EPI-Guard Epidural catheter anchoring/fixation (This page)
Drain-Guard Anchoring device for percutaneous catheters.
Pleura-Guard For pleural drainage catheters.
E P I - G U A R D

1. PE-foam support.

2. Thin, comfortable hydrocolloid carrier.

3. Transparent hydrocolloid cover allows monitoring of puncture site.

4. Smooth non-woven cover with good adhesion for secure catheter fixation.

   f e a t u r e s :
• Latex free.
• Safe anchoring and protection of catheter for up to one week.
• Allows inspection of puncture site and catheter position.
• Smooth profile and surface for optimum patient comfort.            O R D E R   I n f o r m a t i o n :
• Enables the patient to shower with catheter inserted.                    Cat# 8170, box/25, Sterile
• Prevents kinking of catheter.
• Prevents contamination of puncture site from environment.
• Minimum risk of skin irritation.
• Hydrocolloid carrier will absorb body fluids or anaesthetic agent that backflow from the needle puncture.