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Pleural Drainage Catheter Anchoring Device PLEURA-GUARD
Reduce risk of accidental removal of catheter.

Pleura-Guard is an anchoring device for pleural drainage catheters sized 16 to 30 French. The device consists of a skin-side surface with a super skin friendly hydrocolloid adhesive combined with a specially designed foam block that reliably prevents kinking of the catheter. A non-woven lid provides effective securing of the catheter on the foam block.
In addition catheters are prevented from being expelled by the body and the secure anchoring of the catheter also prevents catheter movement from enlarging the catheter exit site, thus inhibiting leakage.

The catheter exit site is covered by a transparent hydrocolloid lid which protects the puncture site from contamination while allowing continuous monitoring of the puncture site.

1. PE-foam support.

2. Comfortable PU -foam with skinfriendly adhesive.

3. Thin transparent hydrocolloid cover allows monitoring of puncture site.

   f e a t u r e s :
• Latex free.
• Reduces risk of accidental removal of catheter.
• Reduces risk of catheter being expelled by the body.
• Safe anchoring and protection of catheter for up to one week.
• Hydrocolloid carrier absorbs exudate from puncture site.
• Allows inspection of puncture site and catheter position.
• Smooth profile and surface for optimum patient comfort.            O R D E R   I n f o r m a t i o n :
• Enables the patient to shower with catheter inserted.                    Cat# 8160, box/25, Sterile
• Prevents kinking of catheter.
• Prevents contamination of puncture site from environment.
• Minimum risk of skin irritation.
• Standardized anchoring of catheter.