Introducing ChibaSono, the new generation Chiba biopsy needle that reflects Ultrasound waves without loss.
Featuring "Corner Stone" reflectors optimally arranged about the circumference of the cannula to ensure perfect identification of the cannula - regardless of the axial positioning. Moreover, Sonoplex is visible under steep and flat puncture angles alike.
R e f l e c t i o n   A s s u r e d

Cornerstone reflectors are arrayed 360° about the cannula ensuring perfect identification in many positions.
pictured at right: ChibaSono under Ultrasound. Corner Stone reflectors run a length of 2 cm from distal point of needle. Cannula is complete with cm graduation markings.

O r d e r
530S070050   22Gx50mm
530S070150   22Gx150mm
530S070220   22Gx220mm
530S095150   20Gx150mm
530S095220   20Gx220mm
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