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Ultrasound Guided TAP Block - Effective postoperative pain treatment for abdominal surgery

Abdominal blocks, in particular TAP (transverse abdominis plane blocks) and rectus sheath blocks, are increasingly finding application in the management of postoperative pain from abdominal surgery. Well suited to day surgery, and with a low side effect profile, they provide an alternative to epidural anesthesia for abdominal surgery.

A key step toward block success is ultrasound guidance of cannula placement, and to this end Pajunk's proprietory Sono cannula is offered. The Sono cannula incorporates along the distal 20mm of the cannula the patented “Cornerstone” reflector to ensure reflection at steep and shallow angles alike. Furthermore, Cornerstone reflectors are arranged 360° about the cannula ensuring definite and clear identification in any rotation of the cannula.

catheter image
catheter image

Single shot TAP Block :
The Ultrasound visible cannula, SonoTAP, with facet tip, and cornerstone reflectors along its 20mm distal tip length, is available in 2 sizes to meet the requirements of single shot TAP and rectus sheath blocks.
ORDER  21Gx110mm   Cat#1185-3F110   ||   22Gx80mm   Cat#1185-3E080   ||   22Gx50mm   Cat#1185-3E050

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Continuous TAP Block - Infiltralong Sono Kit :
The Infiltralong catheter, with micro perforations, is available for the application of continuous blockade, where prolonged analgesia is required. The catheter is introduced to the site via the TuohySono cannula. As in the single shot application, Cornerstone reflectors along the distal 20mm of the cannula ensure optimal cannula visibility under Ultrasound guidance.
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O r d e r

InfiltraLong Sono kit

TuohySono cannula, 17Gx90mm, with Cornerstone reflectors. Infiltralong catheter 19Gx600mm with flexible tip and 15 perforations along the first 40mm of catheter. Filter, filter fixation device, and clamping adapter.