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VascularSono –  The echogenic cannula for Ultrasound guided central venous and arterial punctures.

VascularSono is a brightly echogenic vascular puncture cannula that maximizes the advantage of ultrasound guidance. Paramount is the needle's ability to reliably reflect at steep (out of plane) puncture angles.

VascularSono's echogenicity is given by the unique "Cornerstone" reflectors arrayed about the 20mm distal length of the cannula.

Above: Cornerstone reflectors are arrayed around circumference of cannula.

Far left: Out-of-plane view of VascularSono in the internal jugular vein.
Left: In-plane view of the VascularSono in the Subclavian vein.
21Gx35mm    1187-4F035 (pediatric)
21Gx70mm    1187-4F070
18Gx40mm    1187-4K040
18Gx70mm    1187-4K070
18Gx100mm   1187-4K100
 Far Right: Black marking on cannula hub indicates orientation of needle tip.
 Right: Cornerstone reflectors have been arrayed in such a fashion to reflect waves even at steep puncture angles.

VascularSono is designed to facilitate smooth insertion of all standard guide wires.