Sprotte Spinal Needle

The Standard SPROTTE® spinal needle has set the standard for atraumatic dural puncture since its inception 40 years ago. It reliably prevents dural leakage and therefore a large portion of post-puncture headache and probably all severe complications of CSF LOSS (Labyrinthine hearing impairment, Abducens Paresis, Subdural Haematoma, Pnuemencephalus).


Precision Engineered & Designed for Safety

While the secret of the SPROTTE® cannula's success lies in its unique tip and lateral opening geometry, every aspect of the needle's design works to minimise puncture injury - from SPROTTE®'s outstanding gliding properties, to its rounded and matched stylet to prevent the introduction of foreign objects and tissue particles into the spinal space.


THE Standard in Atraumatic Puncture

The SPROTTE® needle's atraumatic ogive-shaped tip design enhances the tactile perception of penetrating tissues of varying density making Sprotte the standard in atraumatic puncture. The rounded end of the stylet precludes abrasion of metal particles and their transport into the spinal region.


Free and Quick Flow of CSF

The location and size of the lateral eye in the tip of the cannula ensures free CSF flow, even if the opening is partly blocked by arachnoidea - thus assisting correct placement of the cannula tip. The needle's hub design is such that CSF is recognized immediately, and indeed an optional Magnifying Hub is  available for 25G,27G and 29G cannulae for the enhanced detection of CSF.


Free and non-resistive Injection

Sprotte's patented lateral opening is designed to ensure anaesthetic leaves the cannula tip in a gentle, soft stream.


Ultrasound Guided Spinal Puncture - SprotteSono

As Ultrasound assistance becomes standard in the practise of Regional Anesthesia, Pajunk is proud to introduce SprotteSono®,  an evolution of the Sprotte spinal needle made highly visible owing to Pajunk's patented Cornerstone Reflector technology.


For the prevention of connection and injection errors. 
NRFit-Sprotte® is now available.  Contact us for further information.

Sprotte Needle Sizes and Order information. IN=Introducer,  M=Magnifying Hub, Sono=SprotteSono


22G x 150mm,  041151-30C

22G x 150mm IN,  141151-30C

22G x 120mm IN,  131151-30C

22G x 120 mm,  031151-30C

22G x 103mm IN,   221151-30C

22G x 103 mm,  521151-30C

22G x 90mm IN,  021151-30C

22G x 90 mm,   001151-30C

22G x 70mm IN,  051151-30B

22G x 70 mm,   051151-30C

22G x 25 mm,  061151-30C  


24G x 150mm IN,  131151-30A

24G x 150mm,  141151-30A

24G x 123mm, 071151-30A

24G x 120mm IN,  041151-30A

24G x 120mm,  031151-30A

24G x 103 mm IN,  021151-30A

24G x 103 mm,  521151-30A

24G x 90 mm IN, 121151-30A

24G x 90 mm,  001151-30A

24G x 70 mm IN, 021151-30B

24G x 70 mm,  001151-30B

24G x 35 mm,  001151-30E

24G x 25 mm,  001151-30D  


25G x 123mm,  151151-29A

25G x 123mm M, 251151-29A

25G x 120mm IN, 051151-29A

25G x 120mm IN M, 171151-29A

25G x 120mm,  031151-29A

25G x 103 mm IN,  041151-29A

25G x 90 mm IN,  021151-29A

25G x 90 mm IN M,  511151-29A

25G x 90 mm Sono IN, 021185-29A

25G x 90 mm Sono,  501185-29A

25G x 70 mm IN,  021151-29B

25G x 35 mm, 001151-29E

25G x 25 mm, 001151-29D


27G x 123 mm M,  231151-27A 

27G x 120mm IN M,  151151-27A

27G x 90mm IN M,  121151-27A  

29G x 90mm IN M,  501151-28A

Introducer Needle

Due to its "non-cutting" point geometry, the Sprotte needle does not puncture the skin as freely as does a conventional Quincke needle. Therefore it is advised to puncture the skin prior to inserting the Sprotte needle. An introducer needle is offered as one option in performing this task– the introducer needle is placed first, followed by the Sprotte needle which is placed through (inside) the introducer needle. An introducer needle provides the added benefit of preventing the spinal needle from straying from its intended course - this of special concern with long length needles.


FOR 27G and 29G needles.
071151-30L,   30 mm length
071151-30M,  40 mm length

FOR 24G and 25G needles.
021151-30L,   30 mm length
021151-30M,  40 mm length 

FOR 22G needles.
001151-30L,   30 mm length
001151-30M,  40 mm length 

IntroducerSONO (for 25G)
001195-30R,   50mm length