MultiStim Sensor

A dedicated nerve stimulator for plexus block, MultiStim SENSOR offers a unique and patient-friendly percutaneous guidance system, "PEG Electrode" (Percutaneous Electronic Guidance), for initial locating of nerve prior to needle insertion.

  f e a t u r e s :

• The actual current flowing through the patient is displayed and compared to the selected current
• Analog & digital display of stimulating current
• Dial control for setting electrical current value
• Integrated safety features
• Stimulation can be switched between cannula and Percutaneous PEG Electrode
• Highly precise, constant current is regulated by a microprocessor control system


Functional and safe

PAUSE FUNCTION. By choosing the PAUSE button, stimulation may be interrupted. In Pause mode stimulation parameters may be changed without the stimulator emitting impulse - no need to withdraw needle from patient.

ADJUSTABLE PULSE WIDTH. Stimulating Pulse width is readily adjustable with a wide range of values to choose from, 0.05msec, 0.10msec, 0.20msec, 0.30msec, 0.50msec and 1.0msec for the selective stimulation of sensory and motor fibres in mixed nerves. 

SETUP. MultiSTIM Sensor is programmable via the SETUP button. Values for the various stimulation parameters can be stored as default settings according to the user's preferences. 

PEG or CANNULA. When PEG Cable is attached to stimulator, the PEG / CANNULA pushbutton allows you to toggle between delivering the stimulating current to the cannula or the Percutaneous PEG Electrode.


Large and easy-to-read LCD Display

(A). Maximum current available. This changes depending on which cable is attached.
(B). Needle icon appears when simple needle block patient cable (1151-94-13) is attached and functioning. PEG icon appears when split PEG/Needle patient cable (1151-94-14) is attached and functioning.
(C). Frequency pattern, OPTIONS 1Hz or 2Hz
(D). Visual circuit indicator (closed or open circuit condition).
(E). Denotes actual current flowing through patient. This icon will disappear when unit is on PAUSE or when changes to any parameter are being made. At such time the selected current is being displayed.
(F). ( = ) The current flowing through the patient is complete, i.e. equal to the selected value.
(≠) The value of the current flowing through the patient is less than that of the value selected (see G below)
(G). Analogue display of actual current flowing through the patient.
(H). When unit is on PAUSE or when changing any parameter, this is the current being delivered from the stimulator. At all other times, this is the actual current flowing through the stimulator.
(I). Battery life. Each of the 5 segments represents 20% battery life.
(J). PULSE WIDTH.  6 settings in range  of 0.05- 1.0msec 


MultiStim Sensor - order information

1. MultiStim Sensor - PEG function enabled (left)
includes Patient PEG cable & PEG handle
Order 1151-94-32

(available as reorder items:
1151-94-14 Patient PEG cable
1151-94-17 PEG handle/electrode)

2. MultiStim Sensor - PEG function disabled (right)
includes Patient cable
Order 1151-94-30

(available as reorder items:
1151-94-13 Patient cable
01151-861F Reusable extension cable to Cannula (autoclavable)
01151-861Q DIsposable extension cable to Cannula (Sterile)

Stimulating current from MultiStim SENSOR can be toggled to output at either the Percutaneous electrode or the cannula by pressing the PEG pushbutton. Stimulation characteristics alter automatically (eg. maximum current, impulse width etc) according to which output, PEG/percutaneous or cannula, is selected.

In conventional plexus block with cannula, the puncture location is determined via the anatomical map. With MultiStim SENSOR, there exists the option of locating the nerve first with the PEG electrode. Following this method, a nerve is located by stimulating percutaneously, thereby eliciting a reflex in the patient. At this point the cannula is inserted in the required location, the PEG pushbutton is touched to transfer stimulation to the cannula, and the cannula is now placed as per conventional technique. 


Impact Protection Sleeve ( shown at left)
Of sturdy rubber composition - guards against inadvertant impact.
Catalogue 926B

Pole Mount Bracket (shown at right)
Sturdy metal casing for MultiStim SENSOR. May be mounted on pole or let to stand free on table top for an angled presentation of stimulator.
Catalogue 924X