NRFit - for increased patient safety in neuroaxial application

ISO 80369-6 has been developed to address the incidence of accidental misconnections and injections to the patient in neuroaxial applications.

This standard defines new requirements for small bore connectors in medical applications.

Instead of the well established universal LUER connector, each system-specific application has its own unique connector.

NRFit advantages at a glance:

• Increased patient safety

• Unnoticed misconnections are almost impossible

• Clear labelling on products and packaging (with Yellow color coding.)

• A Product offered according to ISO 80369-6 must contain the phrase "NRFit" in its trade name: eg "Sprotte NRFit"

• No loss of functionality or scope or performance  in NRFit versions of  existing legacy "Luer type" devices 

Pajunk NRFit Product Range

• Spinal/Epidural/Combined Spinal-Epidural (CSE)

• Peripheral nerve blocks

• Lumbar puncture

• Wound infiltration

Limited compatibility

The compatibility of the NRFit connectors is limited to the neuroaxial applications defined under ISO 80369-6.


Avoidance of misconnections

The probability of misconnection or misinjection is minimised by the new series of standards.

Is your institution or practise converting to NRFit? The following Webinars guide you through the process ....

Pajunk NRFit Product Range