Safe anchoring of Epidural & Peripheral Nerve Block Catheters

Epi-Guard is an anchoring device for catheters. The device consists of a skin-side surface with a super skin friendly adhesive combined with a specially designed foam block that safely anchors the catheter. The hydrocolloid carrier absorbs body fluids or anaesthetic agent that backflow from the needle punctures with local anaesthesia given prior to insertion of the catheter. The soft foam support block prevents kinking of the catheter, even if the patient should lie on it.

• Order# 8170

• Box/25

• Sterile, latex-free

A. PE-foam support.

B. Thin, comfortable hydrocolloid carrier.

C. Smooth non-woven cover with good adhesion for secure catheter fixation.


D. Perforated cover for easy replacement of anchoring device.

E. Transparent hyrdocolloid cover allows monitoring of puncture site.