MultiStim Switch

MultiStim SWITCH Nerve Stimulator for Plexus Nerve Block  and Epidural Application

• Switch between Current to Cannula or Current to Catheter instantly

MultiStim SWITCH is simultaneously connected to the cannula and the catheter by means of a Y-patient cable. By pressing the CATHETER BUTTON current flow can be toggled between the insulated needle and the catheter as required.

• MultiStim Switch indicates misplaced cannula placement

Based on medical studies conducted under the direction of Dr Tsui, patient resistance can be shown to increase distinctly in cases of intraneural, intravascular and intrathecal punctures. As such, MultiStim Switch displays real time values of patient resistance by means of two analogous bar graphs.
With Patient resistance continuously monitored, in the case of an intraneural or intravascular puncture, patient resistance increases discontinuously triggering an acoustic as well as a visual signal. In this way cannula placement can be corrected and injury averted.


• MultiStim Switch Nerve Stimulator complete with Y-Patient cable

• Cable reorder, Y-cable, needle & Catheter stimulation:  1151-94-07

• Cable reorder, for needle stimulation only:  1151-94-13


Impact Protection Sleeve ( shown at left)
Of sturdy rubber composition - guards against inadvertant impact.
Catalogue 926B

Pole Mount Bracket (shown at right)
Sturdy metal casing for MultiStim SWITCH. May be mounted on pole or let to stand free on table top for an angled presentation of stimulator.
Catalogue 924X