SPROTTE Atraumatic Lumbar Puncture

Sprotte-The first Atraumatic needle for Spinal and Lumbar puncture
Pajunk GmbH introduced the world's first atraumatic needle for Spinal Anesthesia and Lumbar puncture in 1979 and in the years since, in perfecting its design,  has lead the conversion away from traumatic puncture (Quincke) to the safer and more cost-effective atraumatic puncture.

Safety - with Clear Cost benefits
• Marked reduction of incidence of PLP headache (vs. traumatic puncture) (3,4,5,6,7,9)
The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) confirms that the use of atraumatic cannulas (vs. Quincke) is the leading factor in reducing the incidence of post-lumbar puncture headache.(4) 
• Atraumatic cannulas significantly lower rates of other know side-effects and complications of Lumbar Puncture
Result: Reduced post puncture treatment costs and shorter convalescence times resulting in significant cost savings (8)

German Medical Engineering and Design
The special quality of the cannula and the tip geometry design are what give the SPROTTE ® cannula its atraumatic properties and allow the practitioner to sense when he or she is penetrating tissues of varying density. The closed, ogive-shaped tip of the cannula displaces tissue during puncture rather than cutting it, as is the case with Quincke cannula tips. The lateral eye has rounded edges, and is sealed precisely by the stylet during puncture.

Safety benefits of the Sprotte atraumatic needle for Lumbar Puncture are well established. Study Results for Vakharia and Lote's "Introduction of Sprotte needles to a single-centre acute neurology service: before and after study"(9) are provided below.

Sprotte Needle for Lumbar Puncture.  The lateral opening of the SPROTTE® cannula is free from burrs and has rounded edges to eliminate trauma. The round-ended stylet is highly polished to promote free movement within the needle and to minimize or eliminate the transfer of foreign bodies and tissue particles into the spinal canal. Further, the stylet seals the lateral eye precisely (2).  Sprotte Needles are available optionally with Introducer needle (with detachable Wing). The diameter and length of the introducer are perfectly matched for every needle size. 

Order Information. Sprotte needles for Lumbar Puncture are available in a range of sizes. Available with or without introducer needle and wings.

For the prevention of connection and injection errors. 
NRFit Sprotte® is now available.  Contact us for further information.

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