Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Biopsy

Pajunk's patented CornerStone Reflector technology brings clear visualization under Ultrasound to the application of Needle Biopsy.
ChibaSono's Facet bevel tip is highly visibility under ultrasound. 


• Percutaneous Cholangiography 
• Cytological biopsy
• Prenatal puncture


22G x 50mm ... Cat#530S070050
22G x 90mm ... Cat#530S070090
22G x 125mm .. Cat#530S070125
22G x 150mm .. Cat#530S070150
22G x 220mm .. Cat#530S070220
20G x 90mm ... Cat#530S095090
20G x 120mm .. Cat#530S095120
20G x 150mm .. Cat#530S095150
20G x 220mm .. Cat#530S095220
18G x 150mm .. Cat#530S120150

Cornerstone Reflectors
Incorporated along the distal 20mm of the cannula, “Cornerstone” reflectors ensure ultrasound reflection at steep and shallow angles alike. Cornerstone reflectors are arranged 360° about the cannula with each row offset from the next by 60° ensuring definite and clear identification in any rotation of the cannula.