MultiStim ECO

MultiStim ECO nerve stimulator streamlines operation and boasts ease of use. Small and compact, MultiStim ECO's settings are adapted to standard applications. With direct needle connection to the stimulator, the patient cable has been eliminated.

1. ON/OFF, with 'power ON' light indicator

2. Three stage volume control with LED display

3. Amplitude selection - choose from 6 levels (0.2 - 2.0mA)

4. Electrode button connection for securement to patient

5. LED impulse indicator

6. Battery status

7. Stimulation Activation/Pause

8. Target/actual current deviation.

9. Warning LED for operation fault.

10. Direct connection to Cannula/needle (no intermediary patient cable required.)

11. Optional : Range may extended with Optional sterile intermediate cable.


MultiStim ECO, Cat# 1151-94-50

Optional Sterile Single-Use Extension cable, 60cm.  Cat#01151-861Q


Compact Profile
MultiStim ECO's small profile is such that the unit can be affixed to the patient by electrode snap to rear button. Intuitive keyboard enables one-hand operation. 

Eliminate the Patient cable
Direct needle connection to MultiStim ECO - thus eliminating need for patient cable.

(Optional Sterile single-use extension cable available to increase range.)

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