The echogenic cannula for ultrasound guided Central venous and arterial puncture.

areas of application:
• Out-of-plane puncture of the vena jugularis interna
•In-plane puncture of the vena subclavia


Brightly Echogenic
VascularSono has been specially developed for use under ultrasound and is characterised by its excellent echogenic properties. Thanks to the proven Cornerstone Technology, ultrasound waves are reflected very well by both the tip and the cannula shaft, even at steep insertion angles in-plane as well as out-of-plane.


VascularSono is designed to facilitate insertion of all standard guidewires.

Black marking on the cannula hub indicates orientation of cannula bevel.


Ultrasonic view of VascularSono needle:

L. Out-of-plane view of VascularSono in the internal jugular vein.
R. In-plane view of the VascularSono in the Subclavian vein. 

Order Information


21G x 35mm Cat# 1187- 4F035, for Guidewires up to 0.018 inch
21G x 70mm Cat# 1187-4F070, for Guidewires up to 0.018 inch
18G x 40mm Cat# 1187-4K040, for Guidewires up to 0.035 inch
18G x 70mm Cat# 1187- 4K070, for Guidewires up to 0.035 inch
18G x 100mm Cat# 1187- 4K100, for Guidewires up to 0.035 inch


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