Safersonic  - Sterile Gel-Free Ultrasound Probe Cover with Adhesive Strip.
Safersonic's patented integrated adhesive strip eliminates the traditional need for gel inside the cover, while ensuring bubble free, wrinkle free application to ensure the optimum ultrasound image.


Easy, fast and clean setup - and latex free.
No need for gel inside the probe cover due to the integrated adhesive strip.
• Safersonic is latex free.
• Available in 3 lengths for a wide range of applications:
30cm, 120cm and 250cm


Easy removal without sticky residues -Extend probe life
The probe remains clean throughout the whole procedure resulting in no additional time required for clean up.  Moreover, probe life is extended due to not being subject to repeated cleaning.


Safersonic Sterile Probe Cover
Available in 3 sizes:

DAN-32803  box/50 Size: 18x30cm
DAN-32812  box/50 Size: 18x120cm
DAN-32825  box/50 Size: 18x250cm

view installation of Safersonic on Ultrasound probe by: one person (top), two people (bottom video)

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