SonoMSK and UniMSK

For Injections of muscles, joints and tendons

Developed especially for musculoskeletal injections and featuring a particularly sharp bevel point to reduce pain on puncture and advancement of cannula through tissue layers.

SonoMSK - for Ultrasound guided injections
SonoMSK is brightly echogenic owing to Pajunk's patented Cornerstone Reflector technology. Precise real-time ultrasound monitoring of the puncture and injection process minimises the risk of intravascular injections.(7,8,10).

Reflection of ultrasonic waves independent of the insertion angle(4)
Outstanding visibility of cannula shaft and tip

UniMSK - for Landmark Technology and Fluoroscopy
Optionally available is the MSK needle, UniMSK (without echogenic Cornerstone reflectors) featuring the same sharp bevel point as SonoMSK for reduced pain on puncture and advancement of cannula.

PAIN THERAPY - Injections near to Spine

Tuohy Needle
This long established needle with curved tip and lateral opening reduces risk of nerve damage and is used in epidural steroid injections.

Curved SPROTTE needle
The long established atraumatic spinal needle minimises puncture injury and adapts to anatomical conditions.
Sprotte's patented lateral opening is designed to ensure anaesthetic leaves the cannula tip in a gentle, soft stream. Suitable for transforaminal epidural injections & facet infiltrations.