Epidural Needle, Tuohy or TuohySono
• Optionally available with "Cornerstone Reflectors" for bright echogenicity under Ultrasound (TuohySono)
• Optionally available with Stainless Steel or Plastic Stylet
• Available in 4 Gauges: 16G through 19G
• Colour coded hub
• complete with Plastic Wing

EpiLong Epidural Catheter, Choose from 3 Versions
• EpiLong catheter with a single central (end) opening
• EpiLong catheter with 3 lateral openings and closed end
• EpiLong SOFT catheter with 6 lateral openings and closed end. Complete with stainless steel helical coil.

Set contents:
• Needle. Tuohy or TuohySono, with metal or plastic stylet
• EpiLong Catheter or EpiLong SOFT catheter, with end opening or lateral openings
• Clamping Catheter adapter (all sets)
• MiniFilter 0.2μm (all sets)
• FixoLong Filter fixation device (select sets)
• 10cc LOR syringe (select sets)

EpiLong catheter is available in 3 versions. EpiLong Soft catheter has a closed rounded (atraumatic) end and 6 lateral openings. An integrated stainless steel helical coil provides for maximum kink resistance. EpiLong I catheter is available either with central end opening OR closed rounded end and 3 lateral openings.


TuohySono.  The embossed structures in the Cornerstone Reflectors form three surfaces which meet each other at a 90° angle guaranteeing direct or indirect reflection of the ultrasound waves - even at very steep insertion angles. Cornerstone Reflectors are arrayed along a length of 20 mm from the tip of the needle and moreover are arranged 360 degrees about the needle thus ensuring clear identification of the needle in any rotation or insertional angle.

EpiLong sets are available variously with different combinations of needle and catheter and componentry (adapters, LOR syringe etc). A Tuohy needle with plastic stylet and limited componentry is offered as an economical choice (EpiLong Tuohy).

For the prevention of connection and injection errors. 
NRFit-EpiLong® is now available.  Contact us for further information.