Uniplex NanoLine Insulated Needle

The NanoLine thin layer technology developed by PAJUNK® offers considerable benefits with regard to accuracy of stimulation, because it allows the insulating layer to be reduced to a minimum without reducing functionality. This extremely thin plastic layer, which is applied to every internal and external part of the device except the bare tip, allows highly accurate puncture and stimulation.
The accuracy of cannula placement can be checked by nerve stimulation. To this end, the distance from the nerve is deduced from the lowest current strength required for stimulation.


NanoLine ultra-thin insulation

• NanoLine ultra-thin insulating layer is reduced to an absolute minimum without compromising insulation value. (Put another way, a 22G NanoLine needle is dimensionally a true 22G - no perceptible added diameter due to coating.)
• NanoLine coating makes for a very smooth needle surface making for freer puncture and better gliding of needle through tissue layers.
• Internal needle surface (lumen) is also applied with NanoLine for improved flow of anesthetic through the needle.
• NanoLine insulation coating is applied on inner & outer needle surfaces such that only the needle tip is left exposed resulting in a highly precise electrical stimulation field. 
• The presence of Nanoline coating is evidenced by its gold colouring.


For the prevention of connection and injection errors. 
NRFit UniPlex NanoLine® is now available.  Contact us for further information.

Short bevel (Facett tip)

25G x 35mm, 001156-80
25G x 50mm, 001156-81
25G x 80mm, 001156-86
24G x 25mm, 001156-75
22G x 40mm, 001156-70
22G x 50 mm, 001156-74
22G x 80mm, 001156-71
22G x 100mm, 001156-84
22G x 120mm, 001156-82
21 G x 100mm, 001156-77
20 G x 120mm, 001156-72
20 G x 150mm, 001156-76


Sprotte Tip

24Gx 40mm, 001156-30G
22 G x 50mm, 001156-31G
22Gx 70mm, 001156-31H
22Gx 90mm, 001156-31J

Tuohy Tip

18G x 50mm, 501156-31H
18G x 100mm, 501156-31G

UniPlex NanLine needles complete with injection tubing and electrical connection. In 3 tip styles.